Want A Personal Doctor On Call 24/7?

Want A Personal Doctor On Call 24/7? Scanadu Will Turn Your Smartphone Into A Diagnostic Clinic

Scanadu’s version of a tricorder will be a personal device that anyone can use to scan, track, and even share (if they choose) their vitals such as temperature, blood pressure, and lung function without touching the body. Just as he became an “expert” on his son’s responses, De Brouwer says people with medical conditions will eventually be able to network and provide their firsthand experiences to their doctors or others dealing with the same illnesses.

His vision is that individuals will become so comfortable with tracking their health that they’ll be able to share without being squeamish about privacy (so long, HIPPA!). “I want to make it a social part of our own DIY kit,” he explains. This would eventually lead to what he calls “empathy networks” of both doctors and patients.

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