Dual Diagnosis: An Overview

Research and study of the brain is beginning to unlock the mystery of dual disorders. For years the psychiatric field has either ignored dual diagnosis (a dual diagnosis was impossible prior to DSM III due to exclusionary criteria and DSM I & II forbidding’ multiple diagnoses), or treated personality as the underlying cause of substance … Read more

Co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Among Tennessee Adolescents

The origins of the consumer/ family alcohol & drug and mental health advocacy movements Sheryl McCormick, Advocacy Coordinator The more things change, the more they stay the same. Under the banner, “The Law Must Recognize a Leading Fact: Medical Not Penal Treatment Reforms the Drunkard,” the Keeley League, a national patient mutual aid society that combined … Read more

Statewide Task Force

Co-Occurrence: Bridging the Gap for Change, The Next Step Statewide Task Force On Dual Diagnosis Final Report And Recommendations “The Dual Diagnosis Recovery Network, with the endorsement of the Tennessee Mental Health Planning Council and other major groups and governmental bodies, convened the Task Force on Co-occurring Disorders from November 2001 through January 2002. The … Read more

Support Groups

The goal of self-help support groups is to: Provide a setting where members can feel comfortable to discuss issues of dual recovery. Offer a setting where members can feel accepted and understood by others who have shared common experiences. Offer members a plan for their dual recovery Dual Recovery Anonymous Dual Recovery Anonymous is a … Read more

Self-Help Support Groups

Self-help support groups, such as Dual Recovery Anonymous, offer environments that promote recovery and healing from illness, emotional support and acceptance, and enable people to develop trust and explore illnesses openly and honestly. Joining a self-help group is a way of providing support and encouragement to maintain the path of recovery. It is important to … Read more

Dual Diagnosis Recovery Network

Outreach & Advocacy It’s through advocacy and public awareness that we reduce the stigma that is associated with co-occurring disorders. At the Dual Diagnosis Recovery Network, we participate in advocating for better treatment standards for individuals with co-occurring disorders. We work with chemical dependency, mental health, consumer and family advocacy organizations to educate and publicize … Read more

Self-Help and Consumer-Run Alternatives

Dual Diagnosis An Integrated Model for the Treatment of People with Co-occurring Psychiatric and Substance Disorders, by Kenneth Minkoff, M.D. Co-Occurring Disorders Among Adolescent Treatment Populations by By Norman G. Hoffmann, Ph.D., – Todd W. Estroff, M.D., – Susan D. Wallace, M.S., LCDS COFD Update from CSAT’s Co-Occurring and Other Functional Disorders Cluster Group Gender Specific Issues in Working With Women: … Read more

Assessment and Treatment of Patients with Co-Occurring Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Disorders

Recent epidemiologic surveys show that more than 10 million Americans have co-existing substance-related and mental health disorders (SAMHSA Report, 1996). Several researchers pointed out that patients with comorbidity have poorer outcomes than those with single diagnoses, such as increasing psychiatric symptoms, homelessness, higher risk for relapse, institutionalization, worse compliance, difficulties in managing their lives (Drake … Read more

Co-occurring Psychiatric and Substance Disorders

Varying studies addressing prevalence of co-occurring conditions suggest that the majority of adults seeking either mental health services or treatment for substance dependence manifest corresponding co-occurring mental health or substance use disorders (Lehman, Myers, Corty, & Thompson, 1994; Hien, Zimberg, Weisman, First, & Ackerman, 1997; Milling, Faulkner, & Craig, 1994). This estimate is even higher … Read more

Advocating Positive Change

As part of an initiative requested by the Tennessee Statewide Mental Health Planning Council and the Dual Diagnosis Recovery Network, providers, consumers and other stakeholders across the State of Tennessee came together for a series of meetings to address issues related to co-occurring disorders. Through this initiative, the Task Force on Co-occurrence was formed. Approximately … Read more