Scanadu Scout™

A scanner packed with sensors that enables anyone to capture important physiological data — in a snap. Simply place the Scanadu Scout™ to the forehead. As if it is reading your mind, the Scanadu Scout™ provides valuable data about your body. All that information just by placing it on your forehead. Imagine all the other … Read more

Mental Health & Addiction Resource Hub

The Mental Health & Addiction Resource Hub is a resource created for you to be able to search and filter through our database of mental health and substance abuse charts and infographics. Once you find an infographic or snippet that you like, you can share or embed it on your own site, article, etc. If … Read more

Gender Specific Issues in Working With Women: A Holistic Approach

Many neuroses and addictions are rooted in traumatic abuse and the changes in brain chemistry that result from such abuse. The National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder completed a 10-year study on the effects of PTSD. Among other things, this study suggested that even one catastrophic experience that occurs when one is powerless is … Read more

Substance Abuse and Eating Disorders Not Specified

Eating disorders and substance abuse can cover such a wide range of conditions, but it’s still impossible to categorize every single type of eating disorder, or every single type of substance abuse. There are so many factors to take into consideration when diagnosing a substance abuse problem or an eating disorder that it has become … Read more

A Symptoms Checklist

Mood swings – we all experience them, right? One day you’re feeling on top of the world, the next day you’re irritable and yelling at drivers while in traffic. Some attribute the shift to bad days, hormones, or just feeling a little bit funky. For others, these mood swings are persistent and unpredictable, causing problems … Read more

Co-Dependents Anonymous

Share Codependence is a type of maladaptive relationship in which two people have an unhealthy reliance upon one another. These relationships can form in families, at work, between friends, or elsewhere. The codependent person takes the role of a rescuer or confidant for someone struggling with issues such as irresponsibility, immaturity, underachievement, mental health disorders, … Read more

Family Support

In any intervention for a drug addict, the disposition of the addict’s family is exceedingly important. Full recovery involves not only restoring the addict’s life, but also ensuring that the people around the addict are also capable of helping with the long-term goal of total abstinence from drugs. What Is Family Support? Family support is … Read more

Issues of Treatment by Special Treatment Requirements

Matching addicted people to the right kind of care is absolutely vital, as patients who affiliate with their treatment programs tend to stay enrolled and, as a result, they tend to improve. While it’s vital for referring professionals to match their recommendations with a patient’s physical and mental health needs, it’s also vital to assess what … Read more

An Introduction to Integrated Treatment

integratedtreatment_carrie.edits_2.27.13_940 PaulinaPaul Lendner ist ein praktizierender Experte im Bereich Gesundheit, Medizin und Fitness. Er schreibt bereits seit über 5 Jahren für das Managed Care Mag. Mit seinen Artikeln, die einen einzigartigen Expertenstatus nachweißen, liefert er unseren Lesern nicht nur Mehrwert, sondern auch Hilfestellung bei ihren Problemen.

Percocet Side Effects

Percocet is typically prescribed for conditions that can cause a moderate amount of pain. Broken teeth, torn muscles and bone bruises might all heal with the help of the painkillers and opioids inside each dose of Percocet. But oxycodone, the opioid inside Percocet, can also spark an addiction, and that process can happen quickly. In a … Read more