Scanadu Scout

Scanadu Scout™

A scanner packed with sensors that enables anyone to capture important physiological data — in a snap.

Scanadu Scout

Simply place the Scanadu Scout™ to the forehead.

As if it is reading your mind, the Scanadu Scout™ provides valuable data about your body. All that information just by placing it on your forehead. Imagine all the other possibilities.

Scanadu Scout

Scanadu Scout™ measures and tracks your vitals

Scanadu Scout™ is being designed to provide you with access to valuable data which your body provides every day. Don't let that precious information get lost; use Scanadu Scout™ to analyze, track, and trend your health data with unprecedented simplicity.

Scanadu Scout

Finally, information about our body is not locked away inside the walls of a hospital.

Your body’s information where it belongs: in your hands. Share it with your doctor and others to take health conversations – and discoveries – to a new level. Learn ways that different people, locations, activities, foods, and beverages affect your body.Discover connections. Watch trends. Catch changes early. And track them. Get healthier.

  • Designed by Yves Béhar. Made in America.

    “The simplification of healthcare starts with a simple object.”

Technical Specifications

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