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If you or a loved one who is suffering from addiction and mental health disorders is experiencing a crisis situation and is in need of help, please do the following:

If the consumer is in immediate danger of hurting himself/herself or others:

When the person in recovery may hurt himself/herself or another person, then it is an emergency situation and you should go to the emergency room if possible, or call a professional for help, as listed below. Do your best to keep the person calm and safe while waiting for help. Do not try to handle the problem alone.

In emergency situations, call:

  • A crisis hotline or mobile crisis unit. If you live in the Greater Nashville Area, for the mobile crisis unit, call crisis response
  • A trusted friend.
  • A sponsor.
  • Emergency 911. Call 911.

An assessment likely will be made to determine if the person needs to be in a stabilization setting.

If the consumer is still functioning normally, and not posing an immediate danger or injury to himself or herself or others:

  • Call 844-768-0252
  • Call your sponsor. A sponsor is someone who helps a consumer through the journey of recovery. He or she is usually associated with a Twelve Step program, such as AA, DRA, NA, or others.
  • Call the therapist or counselor. The therapist or counselor has been trained for situations like this, and can bring experience and important skills to the situation.
  • Call a trusted family member.

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