Statewide Task Force

Co-Occurrence: Bridging the Gap for Change, The Next Step

Statewide Task Force On Dual Diagnosis Final Report And Recommendations

“The Dual Diagnosis Recovery Network, with the endorsement of the Tennessee Mental Health Planning Council and other major groups and governmental bodies, convened the Task Force on Co-occurring Disorders from November 2001 through January 2002. The task force was comprised of seven regional work groups with 144 committed individuals across the state. Each group met for 18-20 hours with the purpose of pinpointing our most pressing areas of concern regarding co-occurring psychiatric and substance use disorders. In the end the task force developed consensus statewide recommendations to meet our identified needs, based on a “no wrong door” philosophy, of low- or no-cost solutions that recognized the current fiscal problems of our state. The final report, “Co-occurrence: Bridging the Gap for Change; the Next Step,” was unanimously approved by the Planning Council’s Executive Committee and has been delivered to the Commissioners of the Tennessee Departments of Health and of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities.

Key participants from the task force have met with the Commissioners and staff members to begin addressing if, how, and in what order recommendations can become practice or policy. In response to a request by the Commissioners for prioritization of the recommendations, two prioritization surveys have been developed. The first, “Priority Survey” contains the fourteen subcategories of suggested changes and all 48 individual recommendations as they appear in the task force report with a form on page 6 to rank order recommendations and return for tabulation.

In response to a request for a more user-friendly survey, the three-page “Prioritization Survey Revised” is a tabulation form created to help stakeholders rank the recommendations using abbreviated descriptions. Users of “Prioritization Survey Revised” should note that the full recommendations are listed in “Priority Survey” only. The deadline for receipt of prioritization surveys is July 26, 2002.

Contact information is included in both survey documents. We encourage responses from Tennessee citizens to help us demonstrate the wishes of taxpayers and stakeholders and the broad support for this effort. Without advocacy to promote the work of the task force, the report will just become another book on a shelf gathering dust. We need as many as possible to participate in the survey process. Regional Co-occurrence or Dual Disorders and Recovery Committees have formed or refocused to follow up on the work of the task force, with many work group members continuing to participate in leadership roles. The goals of the committees are to monitor adequacy and quality of services for persons with co-occurring disorders regionally, advocate for implementation of the task force recommendations, and work on long range plans that may involve more financial commitment from the state and federal government and other public health providers.

The state Dual Disorders and Recovery Committee was instrumental in the task force’s formation, now includes representatives from the regional committees, and will concentrate on the same goals as the regional committees from a statewide perspective.


Statewide Task Force On

Dual Diagnosis Final Report And Recommendations.

Priority Survey

Prioritization Survey Revised

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