Scanadu and zensor join forces to form team scanaduintelesens in quest for 10 million qualcomm tricorder xprize

Scanadu Inc. The movement includes complementary expertise from the teams within their continuing pursuit for its 10M Qualcomm Tricorder X-Prize , also a 3.5-year worldwide contest endorsed by the Qualcomm Foundation, by which teams produce a consumer-focused, portable device just as the healthcare Tricorder of both StarTrek ® popularity, moving it out of science fiction into science reality. “The battle we’re attempting to fix to your Qualcomm Tricorder X-Prize contest is a very difficult one, and also yet one which will require huge hard work and cooperation,” explained Walter de Brouwer, CEO of both Scanadu. “What first brought us to your contest was that the assurance of joining together a number of their brightest minds on earth to generate a system which may give users access to their health data, and we’re thrilled to combine forces together with team zensor for the rest of the contest to accomplish this unbelievable feat together”

“In the distance of contemporary clinical technology, there’s really a convergence of conventional medical apparatus and consumer goods, in a growing number of regions of functionality,” stated Jim McLaughlin, CTO of both Intelesens and also Director in NIBEC – University of Ulster. “By working together and playing each other’s strengths, Team Scanadu/Intelesensexpects to create the accuracy and reliability of many locations of the medical devices sector to the fastpaced world of their user.” Scanadu along with zensor were announced as Qualcomm Tricorder X-Prize finalist teams in August 2014. To secure this trophy, teams must create a tool capable of assessing and translating a pair of 1-5 health conditions along with catching five crucial wellness metrics.

According at NASA Ames Research Center, Scanadu is using portable and detector technology to come up with a portfolio of FDA approved, user-friendly services and products which put the connection with a er from the hands of the hands. Unmasked at November 2012, the business is attempting to guarantee that this may be actually the final generation to understand little about our wellness. The product portfolio contains the Scanadu Scout key sign screen and Scanadu Urine, a urine analysis evaluation. Back in July 2013, Scanadu became probably the very financed effort on Indiegogo, enlisting fans to become part of their first usability analysis, accompanied closely by clinical trials for the organization’s road to FDA approval. Scanadu was set by Walter de Brouwer at 2011 and also is a finalist for its Qualcomm Tricorder X-Prize . To learn more see

Medical technology firm attempting to sell the entire world’s first intelligent, Nonstop, wireless vital signs tracking apparatus for use at remote Patient tracking telehealth software. It’s a spin-out of this University of Ulster and can be financed via venture and private funds Investment. The Business has built a Worldclass Group of employees Intelesens, which has been set up in 2001, is among those finalists from the Qualcomm X-Prize Competition.

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