What is the status of the Scanadu Scout™ device shipments?

We finished shipping the Scanadu Scout™ to our Indiegogo backers this summer and enrollments into the STSI study are closed. You can find more information on our blog or email our support team at support@scanadu.com.

Where can I download the app in order to use my device?

You can download the Android app in the Google Play Store, and the iPhone app in the iTunes App Store. From there you will be prompted to set up your device. We currently support the following models: iPhone 4s, 5 and 5s, 6 and 6Plus running iOS 8 or newer; Samsung Galaxy S4, and S5; Nexus 4, 5.

How do I get started with the Scanadu Scout™?

A quick start guide with screenshots is provided in the box to help you get started. There is also a video tutorial. Just download and launch the free Scanadu Scout™ app, and the app will guide you through your first scan and help you create a profile to get started. You can also refer to the user guide.

Do I need a Wi-Fi access point to use Scanadu Scout™?

No, Scanadu Scout™ does not require an internet connection to work, but will require Bluetooth connectivity in order to perform a scan.

Will I be able to download my raw data files and how?

Not at this time.

Can I share my results?

Yes, users can send Scanadu Scout™ vital sign readings via text message, email, Facebook, Twitter or any sharing app already installed on their phone. To do this, drag down the 'results' and 'trends' screens and tap on the share button. Of course it's up to the users if they want to share their results; they own the data and should always decide what they want to do with it.

What is PPG?

A PPG signal, also known as a 'pulse wave', uses optical sensors to measure oxygen saturation and blood flow in your body. PPG (Photoplethysmogram) works by shining light waves through your skin and analyzing the changes in the light reflected from your blood vessels with each beat of your heart. In the Scanadu Scout™ system, we combine PPG signals with signals from our other sensors, clean this raw data of noise, and apply our algorithms to then calculate your vital sign measurements in real time.

The PPG signal is a concept you may not come across every day, not even during doctor visits, but in the context of understanding the hidden working of your body using the Scanadu Scout™ - it's an important signal to tap into. Users can display their PPG signals (orange wave) and the ECG signal (yellow wave) live in the app while scanning.

Where do I find more information?

Please check our online user guide or email us at support@scanadu.com

I didn't support the Indiegogo campaign - how/when can I get one?

The devices that have been delivered to our Indiegogo backers are investigational devices - not approved by the FDA, and for investigational purposes only.

The next opportunity for access and information about our products can only happen after all required certifications such as FDA clearance. Please stay in touch and get updates by signing up on our homepage, we have a question for you and your answer matters.

Is the XPRIZE device the same as the one Indiegogo backers will receive?

No. The XPRIZE competition is a long-term challenge, which involves developing a device that can accurately diagnose 16 health conditions and capture five real-time health vital signs. While our development of Scanadu Scout™ is a part of our work in the XPRIZE challenge, the product being developed for XPRIZE is completely separate from the investigational device being developed for Indiegogo backers and our road to FDA clearance. Check out our blog for more information on our XPRIZE progress.

My question isn't addressed here; how can I reach Scanadu?

We'd love to hear from you!

For General Inquiries: info@scanadu.com
For Indiegogo Backers: support@scanadu.com
For Media or Press: story@scanadu.com