Co-Occuring Treatment Models (Interview)


Foundations Events partnered with Shane Ramer, owner and producer of That Sober Guy Radio, for the Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare 2016 conference. The podcast discusses alcoholism and addiction recovery, providing a platform for guests to speak their minds and share their stories in an honest, intimate format.

This podcast features Dr. Michael Genovese and Lisa Jane Vargas of Sierra Tucson. They are interviewed by Shane Ramer of That Sober Guy Podcast. Sierra Tucson is a residential treatment facility. The program and staff are uniquely able to treat co-occurring psychiatric issues such as depression, trauma, eating disorders and pain. Ramer, Genovese and Vargas talk about the prevalence of these issues and the importance of getting comprehensive, continuing care.

Dr. Michael Genovese reveals some of the science behind brain function, mental health and addiction. He explains that recovery begins with education. Primary care is the next step. This care should integrate proven methods with cutting-edge science. It should look at the entire person and not just the addiction. Access to aftercare tools and resources should be a given. Dr. Genovese mentions options for addressing mental health issues. These new treatments are available because the addiction treatment community is unique in its ability and willingness to work as a team. Professionals come together to find the best ways to address addiction. Helpers are always available. There is always hope.

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