January is looking good! 8,000+ Scanadu Scout™ investigational devices are well on their way towards shipping.  The apps are in the process of being submitted, data collection continues, hardware is ready, and firmware & algorithms are reaching the finishing line. Expect a few emails from us over the next few weeks to verify your shipping information.


As we are finishing the stress testing and app validation, we have already started the process of getting approval from Apple, which we expect to be complete in a few weeks.  We have submitted a hardware prototype to the Cupertino HQ and our app to the App store. As a note, it will not be publicly available right away, nor downloadable until we are closer to shipping.  We’re doing this now because, as some of you may know, this process can take some time given the holidays.  The submission of the Android App to Google Play on the other hand takes very little time and will happen a few hours before we start shipping


We continue to collect data to refine our solutions. Our biggest challenge has become our biggest opportunity: we have collected over 40,000 vital sign measurements!   This week we continue to collect hypoxia data in Colorado and fever data in Europe, but capturing fever data has been challenging.  Modern medicine is getting so efficient that by the time we arrive on the scene for a scan, the patient is fever-free.  However, we do have our first dataset of febrile information, and will collect more while we are shipping.


With this, we are now validating the algorithms responsible for the measurements for the Scanadu Scout™ investigational devices. Cuffless Blood Pressure (non-oscillometric method of non-invasive BP which we refer to as ni-BP) and Heart Rate are finalized. We are very close to finishing validation of SPo2 (PPG, photoplethysmogram for pulse oximetry) and core body temperature.

Screenshot of scan results.


Our manufacturing team has taken their battle stations and are ready to start building since the new hardware is done! Right now, we’re focused on software completion (final integration, testing, validation etc…).

The new finalized hardware.

We’re also working on shipping plans and preparing the special experiences for different perk levels. As part of this, during this holiday period we need to verify the shipping address information of backers and re-launch the signing of the Informed Consent for the study at Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla. So stay tuned backers, you’ll be receiving some emails from us soon.

Happy Holidays!  Here’s to a healthy New Year from our team to you.

Scanadu Team