After all the preparation for manufacturing and several successful qualification builds over the past few months, yesterday we released the manufacturing line and will start the production builds of your investigational Scanadu Scout™s early next week at our manufacturer in Fremont, California!

We will start shipping in the last week of January, domestically and internationally. The shipping process will take a few weeks, and you’ll automatically receive a tracking number via email from UPS (domestic) or DHL (international) when your device is in route to you. We‘ve emailed everyone to confirm shipping addresses and thank you for your speedy responses 🙂

Next week, you’ll receive an email invitation with details on how to enroll into the Consumer Health Outcomes Study managed by Scripps Health in San Diego, California. As we noted in previous updates, this study is a part of our FDA roadmap and will be one of the largest consumer health studies of its kind in the world.

The iOS app has been validated and submitted to the App Store. The Android version is in its final stage of validation, and we expect it to be finalized by next week. Both apps will be available in the AppStore and GooglePlay, respectively, by the time we start shipping the Scanadu Scout™ investigational devices.

Data collection has been and is still an essential part of our journey. We have collected huge amounts of data to feed our algorithms, and this will be an ongoing effort for our company. The last two months have been dedicated to the final verification and validation of the Scanadu Scout™ system for Indiegogo backers.

We have successfully completed the verification and validation on the vital signs that the Scanadu Scout™ measures in this investigational device, and are within the ranges and confidence limits we shared with the FDA, for:

Cuffless Blood Pressure / Systolic
Cuffless Blood Pressure / Diastolic
Clipless SpO2
Heart Rate

Throughout all our work, we have realized the importance of data collection. Knowledge starts with data.  Only then comes the observation of data, which leads to protocol, which leads us back to knowledge again.

We are both excited by our progress and humbled by the difficulties we have encountered in the process of bringing the Scanadu Scout™ to you. We faced challenges that have never been solved before – and are only possible today thanks to the intersection of science, technology and mathematics. Our team has a breadth and depth of capabilities in these domains, and overall your continuous support has been a great reminder that designing and building the new generation of medical devices is not happening in silos anymore, but as a unified effort.

Thank you.

The Scanadu Team

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” – TS Elliot

P.S. At this time, changing the color of your Scanadu Scout™ is no longer possible. For all other questions, contact us at