Last Thursday, we happily hosted a group of our Indiegogo backers for the first Scanadu Scanathon.

Participants came from far and wide; with backgrounds ranging from engineering and medicine, to wine making, teaching and aviation… Some drove for 3 hours or flew from as far away as Chicago for the occasion! We received valuable input and appreciated the conversations about the impact of what we’re building. To quote Bill – one of our backers, and one of several named Bill 🙂 – “It is not a sprint – it’s a marathon.”

Our medical teams tested backers all day and collected a vast pool of data – over 3 million sample periods that have resulted in over 24 million sensor readouts – that will help us calibrate our investigational devices. We are processing the data now, comparing the measurements made with the Scanadu Scout™ and the comparison devices.

Since our available time slots filled up so quickly last Thursday, we are organizing a second Scanathon this Friday, June 27th.  You can register here and we’ll confirm participation later today.

This additional data will allow for more calibration cycles for the device by comparing both sets of Scanathon data to other pools of data we’ve previously gathered.

Thanks for working with us to make this generation the last one to know so little about our health.

Thank you,

Scanadu Team