Dear Indiegogo Backers,

Last year, we set out on an exciting journey together to bring to life our shared vision of empowerment through knowledge of our own health. You’ve been a key partner in making the Scanadu Scout™ investigational device come to life, and we were thrilled to assemble the first batch of units and deliver a handful to early backers on March 31, 2014.

From this first set of units, we identified that some of the readings weren’t working as expected. Since that moment the Scanadu team has been working non-stop to determine why the initial batch did not meet our internal design control standards.

Based on our assessment these last few days, we’ve made the decision to delay shipment of the Scanadu Scout™ investigational devices until we feel it meets our internal standards. There are three fundamental issues that led to this decision:

  1. The algorithm that connects the investigational devices with the app is inconsistent in reading scans made with the newly manufactured investigational devices. We have identified the issues in the algorithm and are working feverishly to address them.

  2. The temperature readings are faulty, but we are in process of identifying the fixes needed to solve this.

  3. Finally, the manufacturing tool used to make the investigational devices broke this week, after the first few hundred casings had rolled off the line.

We will replace these first units and will resume production and shipping as soon as these key issues are resolved. We hope that this will not be more than 8-12 weeks. The entire Scanadu team is working around the clock – refining algorithms, testing software and hardware, sourcing a new thermometer, and working with our manufacturing and related partners to deliver to you as fast as possible.

As with our decision to submit for FDA clearance, we knew that giving life to the Scanadu Scout™ investigational device would be a complex and challenging path. But sometimes the harder paths are the right ones to take. Thank you for continuing to motivate and inspire us.

As always our team is available to address your questions and comments at

Sapere Aude!