Scanadu scout progress scanathon

Ever since our last update, we Have been working like Crazy to Repair Bugs, tweak applications and also calibrate effects. We’ve basically shut ourselves off from the globe to delve deeper in to the system and code to know and handle the technical challenges we’ve mentioned on April 4th. We have made significant improvement on the number of arenas and Have improved our work from 20 percent, adding quite a few signal warriors and mathletes into we.

The fabricating tool was adjusted. All of the Casings are willing in our manufacturing center in California, and we give the proceed our manufacturer should have the ability to construct and send tens of thousands of components. Our alternative is to enlarge our testing . We Have Been Hosting a Scanadu Scanathon in our headquarters in NASA Ames Research Park at Mountain View, CA. This is a private invitation for your Indiegogo backers to take part next step of this Scanadu travel.

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