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Scanadu was started with the mission of democratizing healthcare: to make medicine appeal to consumers, and to bring something magical to it, so they can take stock of their health. We focused on developing a human-centered suite of consumer products using science and technology to empower everyday people to monitor and better understand their own health—anytime, anywhere.

We have made significant achievements on this journey. The first clinical trial of the Scanadu Scout™, a wireless health sensor that non-invasively measures vital signs in a few seconds, is being conducted by Scripps with over 4,000 people participating. We will soon be providing the first in-home urinalysis test for consumers: a fundamental shift in how this testing will be conducted. We are building not just powerful medical devices but a platform of consumer health data.

Now, it’s time to scale our operations rapidly and begin the next chapter of Scanadu. Two years ago, I recruited Jaime Tenedorio to Scanadu. Jaime has a long track record of driving the successful commercialization of products in the medical device and wireless healthcare sectors. He has served as COO, CTO and SVP at several start-ups overseeing rapid growth. He also spent years at Samsung and Flextronics driving technology and scaling operations of high volume consumer products and was VP of Engineering at the iconic global design and innovation firm frog design. When Jaime joined Scanadu, we needed to complete the development of the Scanadu Scout™, deliver thousands of devices and enter our first clinical trial. Since then, Jaime has been an amazing partner so that we could raise $35 million in our most recent round led by China’s Tencent and Fosun International and strong participation from Relay Ventures, Redmile Group, AME Cloud Ventures, iGlobe and Three Leaf Ventures, an affiliate of The Broe Group.

This is why I am pleased to have Jaime take over the helm as CEO. This will give me the ability to focus my time on other innovations needed in the healthcare sector and serving on the board of the company I founded. We have an amazing portfolio of products and technologies that I am really excited about. I am humbled by what we have achieved at Scanadu to date, but more excited for what lies ahead. Thanks to the digitization of health data, better consumer access because of smartphones and FDA-approved apps, better sensors and novel approaches to testing: we’re going to see the smartphone change healthcare faster than the personal computer changed business and consumer technology.

We are truly democratizing healthcare and bringing something magical to the consumer!

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