We’re moving full steam ahead in shipping the Scanadu Scout™ investigational devices and expect the complete process will take several more weeks. A few thousands devices have been assembled, packaged and shipped already, and the cadence quickens each day. We have taken care of all costs for duties & taxes on our side, and as soon as you get the email from UPS (in USA) or DHL (outside USA) this indicates your device is en route to you!

We are already receiving a lot of feedback, as well as many ideas about how you see the future of the device and how you would like to manage your health. We can’t wait to have you all using the Scanadu Scout™ and sharing your experiences.

We’re listening and have found a few notes to highlight:

– We currently support the following phones: iPhone 4s, 5, 5s running iOS 8 or newer, Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, and Nexus 4, 5. Many of you are already using the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but please be aware we are still in the process of validating those two models.

– Some Android phones are showing issues with the BLE connection and we have decided to extend the list of phones we will support. We can’t possibly support every Android phone model out there, but we can already confirm that we are expanding this list, please give a couple of weeks to get into it.

– Request for multiple profiles has been high, and indeed it is not implemented in the current app. Though it is technically possible, we can’t make it available at this point because the study linked to the investigational device is part of our regulatory framework. We will be making software updates as we are developing with full consideration of our backers requests and of the regulatory aspects for every feature we are adding.

– We have a large group of people who want to connect about how they see the future of their health monitoring using mobile technologies, and the concept of a Scanadu Forum has also been suggested, this is something we are currently looking into. Please stay tuned as we explore this idea.

There is a lot of scanning going on!  We continue to expand our database with every device that is used in the investigational study; all of this data is an essential component in improving the measurement accuracies for vital signs and will be the basis for improving our system performance.

For more information on how to use the device, please reference the Video Tutorial and User Guide. Here you will find instructions for setup, tips for scanning, basic troubleshooting, and device maintenance.

And, of course, our team can be always be reached by emailing support@scanadu.com

Scanadu Team