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The future of Healthcare will be to Healthshare. The importance of sharing is instilled in us at a young age – we learn that ‘sharing is caring.’ In today’s increasingly connected world we share at astounding rates. Photos, videos, fleeting thoughts, articles and products are quickly distributed through tools that easily send content to a friend or loved one. Yet, when it comes to our health, we don’t share at the same alarming pace.We were surprised when 66% of people we recently asked said they do share their health data with their families. However, considering how many times people share the latest LOLzCAT gif animation, this number still seems strikingly low. When you think about it, there are many obstacles to keeping people from sharing important information on one’s health.We don’t own our medical data.We don’t have a centralized repository of our medical history.We don’t have the modern tools to share our health data.At Scanadu, we’re building products to enable health sharing by putting our medical data back into our own hands. Creating a single location to store your medical history, log your Vital signs and form a more complete picture of your health – but this picture has no value sitting in our camera roll. We’re bound for an era where information is shared with the care givers of our life. This will be the era of Healthsharing.

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