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Both iOS and Android versions of our app are ready and have been submitted to the app stores. We are counting on this being available on Monday. We start assembly on Friday in Fremont, California. And why, might you ask? Well… because we are ready to start shipping the first units on Monday!!

There are still more than 100 hours left for us to fine-tune everything, to chase these Heisenbugs, to calibrate the fusion algorithms, to adhere to our validation criteria, to have more people tested, and to bring you the first of many exciting journeys into a new healthcare landscape where your health becomes a great connected experience and where the crowd (we) can offer context and differential analysis to each other and open up a new conversation with our doctors.

The app guides the user through interacting with the Scanadu Scout by placing it over the forehead to take a composite, multi-parameter biometric signature that pulls in several vital signs in seconds: diastolic and systolic blood pressure, body temperature (core temperature is coming in a couple of weeks), SPO2 (blood oxygenation), and heart rate.  There will be weekly improvements for adding new experiences to your device such as respiratory rate and HRV (Heart Rate Variability); until you have every single electrical signal in your body… prepare for the Body Electric!

Multi-profiles in the app are technically possible, but would create ambiguity in our health study.  How would we be able to prove that one person uses one device? Thus, for now, this app is only intended to be used by one person.

We will, however, be able to test this feature in the coming months with backers that signed up for early access to features and who have completed the informed consent form. Stay tuned, since we know this is a popular feature, we are working towards making it available.

The Scanadu Scout system is optimized for use only on adults for the moment. Our intention is, and has always been, to make the device work for pediatric use, but children are not little adults and we still have to tweak our algorithms, feed databases, and calibrate the device for them.

Empathy. Our bet is on Empathy.  With this device we can help ourselves but also others.  Help us calibrate this machine and tune its variables. Personal computers and the internet were just the appetizer, together we are going to cook the entrée.

(from the frontline of glitches, crashes, freezes, exterminator ninjas, codejockeys, body hackers, swearing pirates and lasers and shit)