Apps for Addiction Recovery and Mental Health

In a world dominated by mobile, it’s not surprising that the worlds of addiction recovery and mental health have found a foothold in the app industry. By using these apps and other like them, you can expand your support network and your ability to track progress.


This all-in-one app is designed to support many types of recovery journeys, from alcoholism to sex addiction. Included in its features are:

  • A directory of 12-Step and alternative support groups and options for checking in at the meetings
  • The ability to connect and chat with other Addicaid users
  • A journal and daily check-ins
  • Spending calculator
  • Eating regimen to reduce cravings
  • Hotlines

Beyond supporting recovery, the app is also designed help with addiction prevention. As one reviewer put it, “Just wanted to cut down and really didn’t dig the idea of going to meetings or calling myself an alcoholic. The info here and talking to other people has helped me a ton while on the job. And I’m a bartender!”

Compatibility: iOS


Being accountable to oneself and others is a central step in addiction recovery. That is the idea behind this app, which breaks the often abstract concept into something as concrete as a traffic light. It works like this: Users customize a list of those behaviors they want to track, then rate their success based on a green, yellow and red light system. Furthermore, by tracking triggers and their intensity, the app goes one step beyond simply rating success to establish those situations and behaviors that contribute most to it.

Compatibility: iOS

Sober Grid

Ever wondered if there was anyone right there who knew what you were going through? Sober Grid takes the mystery out of it by tapping users into a location-based virtual support group. Having a particularly rough day? Send out an S.O.S. by clicking the “Burning Desire” button and allow those closest to you to help.

Compatibility: iOS, Android


For many, addiction is as much a symptom as it is an illness in and of itself. This makes addressing the core issues that may be fueling the need to escape a central part of recovery. For those with depression and/or anxiety, relief and support can be found through Pacifica. In addition to offering a mood tracker and guided meditations, this app uses principles based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help smooth over distorted thinking patterns and overcome anxiety by breaking it down into bite-sized daily challenges.

Compatibility: iOS

PTSD Coach

Developed by the National Center for PTSD, this app is a tool for both learning about and managing PTSD. Included in its features are customizable strategies for supporting relaxation, positive self-talk and anger management. Perhaps most importantly, the app includes a “Find Support” button for times when these strategies are not enough on their own.

Compatibility: iOS, Android


Much like Pacifica, MindShift is a tracker and guide designed for those with anxiety. However, funded by the RBC Children’s Mental Health Project, it specifically targets teens and young adults and includes tool kits for guiding users through anxieties as specific as perfectionism and test anxiety.

Compatibility: Android


Talkspace is an online therapy platform that makes mental health care more convenient and affordable by connecting users everywhere with a growing network of 2,000+ licensed therapists. With Talkspace, users can send unlimited text, audio, video and picture messages to a therapist specializing in addiction counseling via web browser or the Talkspace mobile app on iOS and Android — from anywhere, at anytime. About 70% of Talkspace clients have never been in brick-and-mortar therapy.

Compatibility: iOS, Android

In the end, an app, however effective, cannot replace professional help. If you or someone you love is struggling to live a full and happy life—be it due to addiction, mental health or a combination of the two—do not hesitate to contact a professional.

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