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Foundations Recovery Network

Founded in 1995, Foundations Recovery Network (FRN) quickly established itself as a premier organization for treating persons with a Dual Diagnosis of substance addiction and mental health disorders. FRN offers a continuum of care for those battling with co-occurring disorders including outpatient services, vocational rehabilitation and residential programs..

The FRN treatment program incorporates the 12-step philosophy while utilizing motivational interviewing techniques and has a proven successful recovery outcome. Our residential model has achieved remarkable and measurable outcomes for the dually diagnosed as well as gaining national recognition as an exemplary program.

With a highly experienced and caring staff, comprehensive treatment facilities and a long-term commitment to helping those with co-occurring conditions, FRN provides a full scope of services to meet the needs of persons with dual disorders.

Treatment Facility Locations & Contact Info

Michael’s House

Skywood Recovery

Black Bear Lodge

Talbott Recovery

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