Scanadu Scout
Scanadu Scout™

Imagine a future where you can know yourself best.

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Check your health as easily as your email.

Your doctor's new best friend.

  • know yourself even better

    With Scanadu and the power of the Internet you don't need to be a PhD to understand your body.

  • Connect from home

    Dislike the long wait and out-of-date magazines at the doctor's office. Now you can share data with your doctor from the comfort of your own home.

  • information for you to share

    Now you and your doctor have a lot more to talk about. Armed with the right information about your body you could have more productive visits.

What is Scanadu's vision?

Imagine the tools of an emergency room from the comfort of your living room.

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Scanadu Ecosystem

The Scanadu Eco-System

Scanadu is an early stage company developing a suite

of consumer medical device products using the elegance of science and the power of technology that will empower you to monitor your health – anytime, anywhere. Each product is being designed to wirelessly and effortlessly connect to your smartphone and provide you with analytics and intelligence to live a healthier life.Learn more about our product pipeline; Scanadu Scout™ and Scanadu Urine.

Coming Soon to an app store near you.

It's spreading.

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